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Kingdom Oil & Gas Consortium LLC.

We Create Sustainable Solutions




Kingdom Oil & Gas employs a host of knowledgeable professionals to assist our clients in the process from beginning to end.

Kingdom Oil & Gas is a full allocation holder to multiple refineries. This direct access allows for the delivery of a smooth and quick transaction. This structure also allows for personal relationships with the export directors and sales managers which assists in the process of negotiating issues and understanding procedures.


Kingdom Oil & Gas supplies various different types of fuel from different producers around the world. Our most popular origins are Kazakhstan, Qatar, Saudi, UAE, the UK, Russia (Non-Sanctioned), and the US. These fuel types are liftable from Houston or Rotterdam ports and can be supplied on a CIF basis to almost every port in the world.

Kingdom Oil & Gas Consortium LLC is a for-profit company formed for the specific purpose of the delivery of jet aviation fuel and liquid gas petroleum for domestic use within the United States of America.


Kingdom Oil and Gas offers several unique procedures and payment terms for the bulk purchase of these specific categories of fuel. To acquire additional information select the quote now button and a knowledgeable representative will be happy to assist you.

 Knowing the business is the best business. There are so many turns and curves in the oil and gas business. It is easy to make costly mistakes that can range into the millions of dollars. Sometimes you may wish there was a how-to manual to read and educate yourself in the basics. Kingdom Oil & Gas offers a unique affiliate program that provides training and discounted fuel prices that assist new resellers in growing and thriving while building their business brand. The cost for this program is FREE! What do you have to lose? Signup Today.

Knowledge is Key


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